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Always be learning, create yourself, your possibilities, invent, discover, and expand your capabilities through the experience of new things.

Emotion drives experience, experience drives learning. Education inspires behaviors which generate achievements. Behaviors turn into habits and grow into destinies.

Foleyworks has been established to create a more socially connected and productive world through meaningful learning experiences that empower individuals, improve teamwork, develop performance and grow businesses.

Our mission is to create and inspire educational experiences so that everyone can achieve their full potential.

“Education should improve your life and the life of those around you.” – Dr. Shawn Foley


  1. I worked with Shawn creating learning and coaching opportunities for internal and external clients. I learned so much in this process because of Shawn’s focus on people and commitment to enabling change driven by people’s behaviours, and that by modifying those behaviours you can make the positive changes you want stick.

    Little did I realise how much I learned and how much I changed at the time. I am sure the impact that Foleyworks will have on you and your business will be just as deep and insightful.

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